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Journal Publications and Preprints (complete CV in pdf)


  1. Andrea J. Welsh and Flavio H. Fenton. Chimeras from local coupling: FitzHugh-Nagumo with Extension. (Manuscript in preparation).

  2. Andrea J. Welsh, Edwin F. Greco, and Flavio H Fenton Crowds as an excitable medium for spiral wave dynamics. (Manuscript in preparation).


  1. Andrea J. Welsh, Cristian Delgado, Casey Lee-Trimble, Abouzar Kaboudian, and Flavio H. Fenton, Visualizing Waves, Chaos and Synchronization with a Microcontroller. Chaos. (December 2019) DOI:

  2. Andrea J. Welsh. Coming together: Individuals at Different Scales Working for A Common Goal. Doctoral Dissertation, Georgia Institute of Technology. (July 2019).

  3. Andrea J. Welsh, Edwin F. Greco, and Flavio H. Fenton. Dynamics of a human spiral wave. Physics Today. (February 2017) DOI:


Mental Health​

  1. Why we need support networks. Physics Magazine. (August 2020)

  2. Covert Care: The Cycle of Mental Health and Conference Fatigue. oSTEM Blog. (April 2019).

  3. It’s time for physicists to talk about mental health Physics Today. (May 2017) DOI:



  1. Andrea J. Welsh, Student Feature, SIAM Dynamical Systems Today (July 2020)

  2. Andrea J. Welsh, Snowbird Meeting Turns Chaotic: SIAM Dynamical Systems 2015 Conference Review, Dynamical Systems Today (July 2015).

  3. Christopher Marcotte and Andrea Welsh, Dynamics Day US XXXIII Conference Review, Dynamical Systems Today (January 2014).

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