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Uploading Documents to Canvas Assignments (pdf, doc)

Uploading Homework Sets

Since classes will not be in person, assignments will be virtual. I will post the homework sets on Canvas and on my website for this course and you can choose to work out the problems by hand on paper or on a tablet. Please make sure your full name and problem number are included clearly on the top of each page. If you use multiple pages for one problem, please also write which page number of the total page numbers. Example if question 2 takes 3 pages, the first page will say #2 1/3, the second page #2 2/3, and the third page #2 3/3 so that we can ensure we are grading your complete solution and in the proper order.


If you write it on paper and don’t have a scanner, take a photo and upload to Google Drive as a pdf. Once it’s on Google Drive, you can upload the pdf to Canvas. Please make sure to look at the file before submitting that the work is legible, it isn’t blurry, and it isn’t too dark or too bright. Ask yourself “Could I grade this file?” If not, please try to take another picture and try again. The first two weeks we may ask you to resubmit if needed, but by the third assignment, if the assignment cannot be graded properly, points will be deducted.


Instructions on how to save documents to Google Drive as pdfs using your phone:


You may also use other apps on your computer or write your homework in LaTeX as long as you upload a pdf.


This can be done on the “Assignments” tab for the class and you can click on the appropriate assignment number (example below) which will show the due date and when the assignment is available until for late submissions before it no longer accepts an assignment. Click on the “Submit Assignment button on the right to upload your assignment.













This will open a box at the bottom of the page where you can upload a file from either your laptop, Box account, or Office 365 account. If you uploaded to Google Drive you will have to save the pdf to your computer and upload again here.













After clicking “Submit Assignment,” you will get a note on the right-hand side that shows your file was successfully submitted and the button will change to say “Re-Submit Assignment.” Please confirm that you see these after submitting to ensure there were no errors in submitting.

Assignments can be resubmitted any number of times until the deadline so if you make a mistake and need to redo something or forgot to upload a page, feel free to keep submitting.


If you use any code or simulation produce any plots for your assignment, please include this in your homework file as well.

Late Homework Policy

As from the Syllabus, each student is allowed to submit three (3) homework assignments up to one week late, no-questions-asked without a grade reduction. The student must tell the instructor that they will be submitting it late before the homework is due.* Students who miss this deadline, who turn in assignments more than one week late, or who have used their three late assignments will incur a reduction in the final grade of the homework by 10% of your grade per day for that assignment.


If there are other concerns that come up, please reach out to me.


*  The reason for this policy is to give students flexibility on homework while allowing the instructor and TA return graded assignments to all students in the class in a timely manner.


Uploading Midterms

Midterm questions will be available on Canvas for a 48-hour period before they are locked. You will have any amount of time to complete the exam questions and upload them to Canvas during the 48 hours, but the exam will be intended to be take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Try to take the exam completely in one sitting; however, I understand that interruptions happen. I ask that you try to keep track of the total time it takes for you to complete the exam. You will be asked to write down the amount of time it took you to complete the exam when submitting.

Midterms are not to be taken in groups. Do not share your work nor talk with anyone else about the exam. Do not use your notes, a calculator, Matlab, a phone, or any other resources, including the internet, when taking the exam.

Please upload one pdf of work for each individual page of the exam. Write all your work clearly and in order and post the page on Canvas as you did with your homework. Submission is final so please make sure the pdf is legible.


Submission will be through Canvas Assignments. Assignments will be labeled “Midterm 1 Question 1,” “Midterm 1 question 2” etc. Please upload one pdf file per question with your solution for that question.


The Canvas Assignment for the exam questions will close at the designated deadline. You will not be able to upload after the close date and time as the submission will be locked. I will not accept exams by email after this time so please make sure you start to upload them in a timely manner before the designated deadline in case there is an issue. If you do experience an issue before the close time, please contact me ASAP.


I will not hold office hours while the exam window is open (i.e. if the exam is available from Wednesday 12:01am to Friday midnight, I will not hold my Thursday office hour) so please ask your questions at the office hour prior to the exam window. Otherwise reach out for an appointment. If an emergency happens during this time and you miss office hours, please reach out ASAP in you have any concerns.


Advice: I will try to model midterm problems like problems from the homework assignments. Please make sure you are able to able to complete these problems by yourself (including without solutions!) at some point before taking the exam. When I took Differential Equations way back when, homework was optional, and I felt the material was easy to follow in lecture. When it came time to the first in class exam, I scored poorly because I did not practice the problems myself. I have also fallen into the trap of reading through the solutions of problems and thinking I understood them but was not able to reproduce the work completely myself so please make sure this is not the case for you.

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